Memento Mori

Bandan AF1's


Memento Dunk Inspired 

Memento Customs is bringing you our custom dunk-inspired shoes. 

'Memento Mori'

Latin phrase meaning 'remember you must die'.

The expression memento mori developed with the growth of Christianity, which emphasized Heaven, Hell, and salvation of the soul in the afterlife


Memento mori is a reminder of the luxurious and fleeting nature of life. It is a reminder that we are all just passing through this world, and that we should strive to live our lives to the fullest, to be present in each moment, and to appreciate all that we have.

As we go about our daily lives, it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, to get lost in our own thoughts and worries, and to forget about the bigger picture. But memento mori reminds us to take a step back and to see the world with a new perspective. It reminds us that life is a precious and fragile gift, and that we should be grateful for every moment we are given. At the same time, memento mori can also be a sad reminder of our own mortality. It reminds us that one day, our time on this earth will come to an end, and that we should make the most of every opportunity we are given while we can. It is a reminder to cherish our loved ones and to be present with them in each moment, knowing that one day we will have to say goodbye.

Ultimately, memento mori is a powerful and emotional reminder to live life to the fullest and to appreciate the time we have. It is a reminder to be grateful for what we have, to be present in the moment, and to cherish the people we love.